Huaian chameleon yarn dyeing co., LTD

  Huaian Jin Run printing and dyeing co., LTD/Huaian chameleon yarn dyeing co., LTD,In founding the hometown of premier zhou enlai——Huaian, jiangsu province,Is specialized in cheese dyeing company,The trademark yarn good supplier in China, Car upholstery fabrics、Yarn fabric in good quality status in the same industry,The main products for all kinds of polyester、Kam、Cotton、Colored yarn,Varieties、Specifications、The color is complete,YHG YJB HBColor all the year round in stock,By SwitzerlandTESTEXThe companyOeko-Tex Standard 100Standard authentication。

  The company imported from imported equipment,The entire computer control,With annual output of ten thousand tons of dyeing ability,Products with high color fastness、Small cylinder、Color number、No color difference、Twist evenly、Good shape,Widely used in the trademark、Car upholstery fabrics、Fabric、Ribbon, etc。

  The company has self-supported import and export right,In suzhou、Shanghai、Guangdong、Hong Kong、Tianjin、Fujian、Sea salt、Factory or offices in Qingdao and other places,Warmly welcome you to visit our company or ask for the color swatches、The samples,To discuss cooperation matters...


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